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9d vector nlsHongkong ZHIHUI Electronic Technology Co., ltd ,it is a private high-tech R&D enterprise. For new development area and new products, Hongkong ZHIHUI

Electronic Technology Co., ltd emerge at the right moment. New company,new idea,new product,new service.

ZHIHUI Technology is a leading provider for health care electronic products in China, specially the

Hydrogen rich water series products,such as Hydrogen rich water cup,Hydrogen rich water pitcher and

hydrogen rich water machine have launched market in 2015,and they are exported to the United States,

Canada, Japan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc., more than 30 countries and regions ,and very


ZHIHUI also have some classical products such as Quantum analyzer ,3D NLS analyzer,detox foot spa and some

other health care products and instrument. Welcome the business to come the consultation discussion from

all over the world.

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